5th conference of the Mediterranean: From the deep sea to the estuaries- Environment, strategy and economic

13 March 2022
Israel, hybrid

The Israeli EEZ of the Levantine basin contains various benefits for multiple users, including energy resources, maritime traffic and trade. It also supports ecosystems and a biodiversity which form the basis of welfare for society. The multiplicity of users, coupled with trends such as the increased exploitation of natural resources and climate change phenomena, call into question the future supply of these benefits. 

The aim of the conference is to shed light on various aspects of environment, security and economic effects on the deep sea, the continental shelf, the coast and the connectivity to stream estuaries. The conference will be divided into five research topics: 

1. The Mediterranean deep sea 

2. The Mediterranean continental shelf 

3. The coastline, the cliffs and human well-being. 

4. Estuaries and the sea- threats, challenges and ecological, economic and social importance. 

5. Closed session – Nahal Dalia estuary – stakeholders and policymakers 1st meeting