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Adapt4Coast: Four EU projects join forces to enhance climate change adaptation in coastal areas


REST-COAST Pilots: Ebro Delta


Controlled flooding activities at the Mequinenza and Ribarroja reservoirs (video in Spanish)


REST-COAST Pilots: Vistula Lagoon


REST-COAST: Second stakeholder meeting at the Venice Lagoon


A year in a nutshell: REST-COAST 2023 highlights


The REST-COAST Pilot Sites: Nahal Dalia


The REST-COAST Pilot Sites: Rhone Delta


Sites pilote du projet REST-COAST / Delta du Rhône: les Etangs et Marais des Salins de Camargue


REST-COAST: Addressing the key challenges to coastal ecosystems through innovative solutions


The artificial island in Vistula Lagoon/5


The artificial island in Vistula Lagoon/4


REST-COAST's 2022 highlights


The artificial island in Vistula Lagoon/3


REST-COAST: First stakeholder meeting in Venice, Italy


Delivery of muddy sediment (slurry) to the Vistula Lagoon


The artificial island in Vistula Lagoon/2


The artificial island in Vistula Lagoon


Sampling in the reservoir in the Mequinenza - Ribarroja - Flix system on May 5


Analysis for scenarios and calculation of functionality indicators - Venice 2021


Regulated lagoon and maintenance of sandbanks