Adapt4Coast Webinar: Tools to enhance climate change adaptation in coastal areas

26 April 2024

REST-COAST is hosting a webinar on "Tools to enhance climate change adaptation in coastal areas" together with the projects from the Adapt4Coast cluster - SCORE, CoCliCo and PROTECT

The cluster was formed in November 2023 and unites four projects with a common goal to implement an integrated solution that combines technologies and nature-based solutions for climate resilience in European coastal areas. 

Against this background, REST-COAST, along with SCORE, CoCliCo and PROTECT are organising the first cluster webinar on 21 May 2024. In this webinar, representatives of the four projects will present some of the tools and platforms under development to help communities plan smart adaptation strategies and play an active role in tackling climate-related challenges. We will also present the Adapt4Coast joint policy brief including critical findings and valuable insights for government climate policy.


  • 10:00 – 10:05: Introduction and presentation of the Adapt4Coast cluster – Laura De Nale, Euronovia, France
  • 10:05 – 10:20: SCORE participative tools to address local needs: the EbA catalogue and the low-cost sensors catalogue – Iulia Anton, ATU, Ireland
  • 10:20 – 11:35: CoCliCo Coastal Climate Risk web platform – Gonéri Le Cozannet, BRGM, France
  • 10:35 – 11:50:The PROTECT sea-level projection tool – Anne Chapuis, Institut des Géosciences de l’Environnement (IGE), France
  • 10:50 – 11:05: Towards restored and better managed coastal ecosystems: REST-COAST’s solutions for preservation of large-scale ecosystems – Boris Barov, Pensoft, Bulgaria
  • 11:05 – 11:15: Adapt4Coast joint policy brief – Iulia Anton, ATU, Ireland
  • 11:15 – 11:30: Q&A and closing remarks

To learn more about each project and the cluster as a whole, reserve your spot here.

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