Call for abstracts: Join the 6th Mediterranean Conference in Israel

10 May 2023

The Israeli Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Levantine basin provides a multitude of benefits to various stakeholders, such as energy resources, maritime traffic, and trade. It also supports diverse ecosystems and biodiversity, which are essential for societal well-being. However, with the increasing exploitation of natural resources and the impacts of climate change, the future availability of these benefits is uncertain. The aim of the conference is to explore and highlight different dimensions of effective management of the deep sea, continental shelf, coast, and the connectivity to estuaries. The conference will feature four main sessions:

  • Ecological, environmental, economic, and political aspects of optimal management of the deep sea.
  • The impacts of optimal management of the shallow sea on coastal and marine environments. 
  • Student flash lectures on topics related to optimal management of the Mediterranean Sea. 
  • Optimal management of river estuaries and their connectivity to the sea. 

We invite you to submit abstracts on these themes by 16 June, 2023 to 

Preference will be given to scientific studies. The abstract must include the following components: background, methods, results, discussion and conclusions. 

Maximum length of abstracts: 400 words.