Exploring the Future of Arcachon Bay: Highlights from the “Journées scientifiques du Bassin d'Arcachon

7 June 2024

On May 13-14, 2024, the town of Biganos, France hosted the “Journées scientifiques du Bassin d'Arcachon,” an event uniting researchers, scientists, and local stakeholders to discuss the environmental, ecological, and socio-economic challenges facing the Arcachon Bay. 

The conference focused on three critical themes: habitat functionality, environmental quality, and ecosystem evolution amid climatic changes. Researchers presented studies on the bay’s diverse habitats, human impact, and the effects of global climate change on the bay's coastline, sea levels, and temperatures.

The REST-COAST team, responsible for the Arcachon bay, represented by Mathis Cognat and Theo Neri of Seaboost, had the opportunity to present a poster titled: ‘Reducing hydrodynamics to restore dwarf eelgrass beds using Roselière®. A small- to large-scale methodology’. This presentation was part of the PROSPERE and REST-COAST projects, where Seaboost is deploying artificial seagrass beds, known as Roselière, to reduce currents and aid eelgrass restoration. The methodology included assessing the hydrodynamic performance of Roselière, evaluating carbon storage in eelgrass bed sediments, and optimizing deployment using Swash modeling.

The poster outlined the comprehensive approach of implementing a one-hectare pilot project with eelgrass transplantation, conducting detailed monitoring, and utilising both basin-scale and long-term modeling to assess ecosystem services provided by Roselière. This allowed the team to showcase their achievements and future goals, emphasising the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and stakeholder engagement in successful coastal restoration.

The “Journées scientifiques du Bassin d'Arcachon” highlighted the ongoing efforts and research dedicated to preserving Arcachon Bay's unique ecosystem. The knowledge shared and connections made during the event will contribute significantly to the sustainable management and restoration of this vital coastal environment.

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