Governance, Science and Policy: a REST-COAST workshop series

4 October 2023

Between September and October 2023, the REST-COAST team on transformative governance, led by Pilar Marin of the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN, organised a series of enlightening workshops centered around the pivotal topic of transformative governance. These workshops served as a platform for project members from the different project teams and Pilot Sites to share knowledge, best-practices, and innovative ideas aimed at advancing the realm of transformative governance for the upscaling of restoration efforts. 

Against this background, the final workshop of the series is going to take place on 9 October in a online environment, where along with the project partners, members of the European Commission, as well as the REST-COAST project officer will be present. Entitled "A roundtable on how Governance connects Science and Policy in REST-COAST", the workshop will enable participants to foster synergies and better coordination on aspects related to the natural resource governance framework within the project. 

The full agenda is available here.

Register for the event here.

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