Photo credit: Helmholtz Zentrum - HEREON

Job vacancy: The Hereon team is looking for an ECR in Earth system modelling in the projects NAPSEA and OLAMUR

24 April 2023

An ambitious European-funded project, NAPSEA, aims to develop good ecological standards for estuaries and coastal waters. Meanwhile, OLAMUR goes one step further, combining environmentally and climate-friendly extraction of food with renewable energy supply.

In an effort to drive core work in these two projects, the REST-COAST partners at HEREON are searching for a motivated and eager-to-learn person to fill the position. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing conditions for low-trophic level aquaculture production in the area of offshore wind farms.

This is a unique opportunity for an individual with a passion for ecological sustainability and renewable energy. 

Application deadline: 30 April 2023

More about the requirements and how to apply you can find here.

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