Job vacancy at the University of East Anglia: Associate professor of coastal system dynamics in climate change

6 February 2024

The REST-COAST partners of the University of East Anglia are looking for a coastal scientist (engineer, natural scientist or social scientist) with an interest in holistic and system-level understanding of coasts to develop and lead a strong coastal research group with a focus on impact and innovative solutions. The candidate's discipline is less important than the willingness to think holistically and be interested in building and leading multi-disciplinary teams to tackle coastal problems such as the effects of climate change.

This builds on a long tradition at the University in terms of integrated coastal science such as the Tyndall Coastal Simulator, and current related links to the Coastwise Project in North Norfolk, the Climate Change Risk Assessment for the Fens with the Environment Agency, and global projects on ice sheets and high end sea-level rise (PROTECT), coastal climate services (CoCliCo) and Coastal Restoration (Rest-Coast). 

There are also lots of intertidal and estuary interests as exemplified by Stefanie Nolte – copied in – and both Tyndall and ENV have strong groups of social scientists who have coastal interests such as Irene Lorenzoni. The successful candidate will be a member of the School of Environmental Sciences (ENV) with an expectation of collaboration across UEA, CEFAS and more widely.

More details can be found here.

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Robert Nicholls –

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