Joint contribution to the EU Nature Restoration Law by Rest-Coast and four sister EU research projects

5 December 2022

Five large EU-funded research projects, REST-COAST, MERLIN, SUPERB, WaterLANDS and PONDERFUL, all operating at the science-policy interface, jointly analysed the text of the draft Nature Restoration Law. Along with PONDERFUL, the involved projects include the four projects funded under the Green Deal (Horizon2020) Area 7 topic "Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services", and represent 168 institutions working at the interface of environmental science, application and policy. The recommendations listed in the attached policy brief result from a science-policy workshop held in Brussels on 25th November 2022, organised by the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission and DG R&I, and attended by the project coordinators and by representatives of EEA, JRC, DG-ENV, DG-AGRI, DG-MARE, DG-REGIO and DG-CLIMA.

The policy brief was submitted to the rapporteur and shadow rapporteurs of the EU Parliament's Environmental committee who prepare for the forthcoming debates on this very important draft legislation.

The Rest-Coast project team will closely follow the debates from the science and evidence stand point.

Find the joint policy brief here.

Photo: Cover of the joint policy brief recommendation