The Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise organises a series of events that will feed into the Assessment Report on sea level rise

3 May 2022

The Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise is a networking platform promoting the generation, synthesis, exchange and integration of knowledge on local, regional and global, historic and future sea level rise. 

The network is a joint effort by JPI Climate and JPI Oceans, focusing on regional to local sea level changes in Europe with an ambition to provide easy access to usable knowledge on regional-local sea level change in Europe, regularly updated as a series of periodic assessment reports. 

To this end, the Knowledge Hub is organising a series of workshops in March-May 2022 with stakeholders and researchers, each dedicated to a European Sea Basin. These workshops will scope the agenda for a larger, pan-European expert conference to be held in Venice on October 17 & 18 2022. The main result from this series of workshops and the conference will be an Assessment Report on sea level rise, its impacts and policy options for each of the major sea basins around Europe. 

The next such event is taking place between 5 and 6 May, 2022 in an online environment and will focus on scoping the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. 

More about the event you can find here

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