Mother nature to the rescue: an article by the European Commission

12 December 2022

The article titled “Mother nature to the rescue,” published by Horizon, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine, supported by the European Commission, acknowledges REST-COAST and the other three Green Deal projects - MERLIN, WaterLANDS and SUPERB

In contrast to the construction of concrete breakwater blocks, restoring coastal ecosystems like wetlands or dunes can effectively solve the issues of increasing sea levels while reducing the risk of flooding and erosion. Against this background, the article highlights the four large-scale Green Deal projects, by showcasing their contribution to nature restoration, or as the author Cecilie Jensen has put it “Restoration: bringing nature back into the game.” 

Nature offers a wide range of services that contribute to the harmony of existence. Ecosystems, for instance, can adjust to variations in temperature and protect humans from the harshest effects of climate change. Wetlands do this by absorbing and holding onto water to stop floods, and in coastal locations they can lessen soil mobility to stop erosion. In order to support the natural balance, REST-COAST, MERLIN, WaterLANDS and SUPERB, are actively working to provide solutions for the restoration of forests and wetlands, ecosystem services and coastal biodiversity. 

The full article can be found here.

Photo: © Bo Valentino, Shutterstock