New video from the Vistula Lagoon Pilot Site

31 January 2023

Recording the progress within the REST-COAST Polish Pilot Site, Vistula Lagoon, has been of a great interest for a couple of freelance photographers, who have been regularly recording the artificial island and all restoration works ongoing there. 

Against this background, a new short video showcasing the current state of the Vistula Lagoon site is available. Throughout the footage one can see how black sediment is indicating high content of organic matter. Also, a very interesting fragment shows reed beds around south/south-west bank of the lagoon. 

The Pilot Site leaders hope such reeds will also develop around the rim of the island, providing spawning grounds for local fishes (breams, pike-perches - this is yo be established by our contacts with ichthyologists). 

You can watch the video here: