News from the Sicily Lagoon: Installation of a monitoring network

20 November 2023

On 7 November 2023, the University of Catania, in collaboration with the local managers from Stiftung Pro Artenvielfalt, completed the installation of the monitoring network at the Sicily lagoon pilot site. Taking advantage of the lagoons being completely dry after an an extremely hot summer, an array of multiparameter sensors were installed in the lagoons to measure water levels, temperature and salinity. Several sensors were installed to measure groundwater parameters and a weather station to gauge temperature, humidity, wind speed, rain and solar radiation. 

The real-time data collected by the REST-COAST monitoring system, along with those coming from periodic field survey of the physio-chemical and biological parameters, will provide unprecedent information on the eco-hydraulic processes and support the implementation and management of restoration activities at the site. 

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