Optimising success through knowledge co-production: REST-COAST-supported paper proposes solutions for coastal flood risks mitigation

31 August 2022

New research paper, supported by REST-COAST suggests that managed realignment (MR), a coastal adaptation strategy that entails the landward realignment of coastal defences, is a coherent solution to coastal flood risks mitigation. The research paper is available in the Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences journal and is a result of the joint work of leading European experts, amongst whom is the REST-COAST project partner Mark Schuerch (University of Lincoln). 

The benefits of nature-based solutions (NbS) for tackling societal challenges, associated with environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, climate change and environmental justice are being increasingly recognised. Managed realignment, serving to restore coastal habitats and especially salt marshes, plays a vital role in implementing NbS in coastal zones. 

Nonetheless, there are still knowledge gaps in the implementation of MR and its effectiveness. Hereof, the paper looks into four current challenges around the implementation of MR to mitigate flood risks and suggests that developing a robust scientific basis for flood mitigation and effective participation can occur in parallel rather than separately.

Read the full paper here.

Photo: Schematic representation of the proposed co-production process to plan and develop managed realignment schemes. 

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