Present and future climate scenarios for coastal restoration: The REST-COAST Pilot Site factsheets

14 February 2023

REST-COAST is eager to show off its complete set of Pilot site factsheets, presenting the current state and planned restoration actions at the nine Pilot Sites of the project. The factsheets are intuitively designed and lead the user to the natural characteristics and restoration opportunities at each of the project Pilot Sites. The large-scale restoration programme at each site is the core of the REST-COAST project.

In the info materials, one finds a summary of the present condition of the areas, key habitats and species, pressures and challenges, as well as the planned methods for restoration of coastal biodiversity and ecosystem services. A list of the key stakeholders and project partners is also included. 

Moreover, the national leaders of the Pilots have identified the respective country’s policy priorities needed for further developing restoration activities. Last but not least, an insight on the knowledge gaps and difficulties, as well as support needs for further implementation of coastal upscaling are presented. 

Explore the full set of REST-COAST Pilot Site factsheets here.