Raising awareness towards sea level science at the Sea Level Conference

26 August 2022

Between 12 and 16 July the Sea Level 2022 Conference took place in Singapore, where leading experts from all over the world gathered to discuss the current and future status of climate-related sea-level research with a strong focus on the application of sea-level science for adaptation and stakeholder needs. Amongst the many participants was the REST-COAST partner Prof Robert Nicholls from the University of East Anglia, the UK.

The conference managed to really capture the last 10 years of progress in sea-level research. Deep uncertainties about future sea levels due to our poor understanding of the Antarctic ice sheet remain and will be an ongoing subject of future research and monitoring. 

The event also more deeply embraced the application and practice agenda than earlier meetings. This is so relevant to addressing accelerating sea-level rise and its implications for coastal risk and adaptation. Ongoing science-practitioner discussions can support co-production of the information and solutions that are needed.

A theme that ran through these discussions was the extent to which we can work with nature. There was a recognition that we do not really understand the answer to this question and fundamental research and development is required at appropriate scales. Hence REST-COAST fills an important gap in sea-level science research.

Photo: Prof. Nicholls presenting at the Sea Level Conference