REST-COAST and WaterLANDS are hosting a joint meeting

13 November 2023

The highlight of the north of the Netherlands: a province with a lively university city surrounded by historical landscape, demarcated by the sea. Groningen is full of innovative pioneers who create solutions for issues in the field of nature, water quality and safety.

In Groningen we call this GRO Quality: we combine growth with the quality of life. Hence, REST-COAST is happy to share that together with its sister-project WaterLANDS, we are orginising our first joint meeting. The event will take place between 15-19 April 2023 in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Serving as a common Pilot Site for both of the projects, the Eems-Dollard is one of the last two natural estuaries in the Netherlands. In this region, the connection between river and sea is still intact and there are still tides. However, the natural values of this unique nature area are under threat. Hence, the Pilot is going to be a main focus of discussion during the joint meeting. 

Keep posted for details about the meeting.

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