REST-COAST and WaterLANDS met to discuss the current progress and planned research in their joint Pilot Site Ems-Dollard

15 December 2022

On 28 November 2022, representatives from the REST-COAST and WaterLANDS projects met in Wageningen University (WUR), The Netherlands to discuss the current progress and future planned research activities in their joint Pilot Site Ems-Dollard (ED). The gathering was initially planned to be attended by members of the two projects, however, representatives of the other Green Deal projects MERLIN and SUPERB were also present. Amongst the attendees were Jantsje van Loon-Steensma and and Cengiz Arslan (WUR), Matthijs Buurman and Albert Vos (Province of Groningen), partnering in both REST-COAST and WaterLANDS, along with WaterLANDS project coordinator Craig Bullock (University College Dublin) and partners Sonia Mena (Wetlands International) and Juul Limpens (WUR).

The main focus of discussion was the common goal between REST-COAST and WaterLANDS to support the co-creation and restoration practices of the ecosystem of the Ems-Dollard region from aspects of climate adaptation, ecology restoration and economic development.

The main focus of the ED2050 Programme is to improve the ecological quality within the Ems-Dollard site, which includes utilising technological information, innovative financing and policy transformations, as well as clustering with other projects to ensure the effective scaling up of nature restoration and coastal adaptation.

Against this background, both REST-COAST and WaterLANDS are actively working towards engaging local authorities through coherent stakeholder mapping, as well as developing reliable financial plans. In order to prevent potential future farm land challenges in the area, the Green Deal projects will ensure the upscaling of fresh water demand, soil subsidence and peat oxidation. 

Overall, the gathering was claimed to be successful as many common goals were outlined and a plan for action was established. The meeting ended with a casual lunch, where members from the MERLIN project - Lars Hein (WUR) and SUPERB project - Gert-Jan Nabuurs joined the rest of the group. 

Photo: Members of the four Green Deal projects at the joint meeting in Wageningen, The Netherlands

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