REST-COAST attends the OCEANEXT 2024 this June

14 June 2024

The OCEANEXT 2024 conference took place on 12 - 14 June 2024 in Nantes, France. Hosted by the Institut Universitaire Mer et Littoral (IUML) of Nantes University and its laboratories, this third edition of OCEANEXT followed the success of its 2016 and 2019 editions. The conference, centered on the theme “Tackling the challenges of maritime and coastal socio-ecosystems together,” brought together renowned international scientists to foster an interdisciplinary perspective on the status of seas and oceans. The event aimed to share insights from past research, discuss global changes, and explore innovative solutions.

Umberto Pernice (PCIM) and Laura Puertolas (ALBIREM), partners of REST-COAST, presented their ongoing work on co-developing business plans for upscaling Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for coastal restoration. Their presentation took place during session 5, which focused on NBS to combat climate change. Following the presentation, a round-table discussion covered various topics, including criteria for successful rewilding and restoration, and using future scenario representations to strengthen stakeholder commitment.

REST-COAST was highlighted as a best practice example of co-developing suitable business models with diverse stakeholders for NBS restoration. The presentation particularly emphasised the Venice Lagoon pilot site, which aims to counteract salt marsh erosion and accelerate naturalisation. The session showcased various restoration and rewilding examples, highlighting NBS contributions to mitigating climate change impacts. The discussion provided valuable feedback on enhancing stakeholders' capability to co-develop business models and plans, addressing a significant financial barrier to NBS restoration.

Approximately 50 people from across Europe attended the event, engaging in discussions and sharing insights.

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