REST-COAST at the ECSA59 symposia

4 August 2022

This year’s edition of the ECSA 59 symposium Using the best scientific knowledge for the sustainable management of estuaries and coastal seas is taking place between 5 to 8 September, 2022 in San Sebastian, Spain.

Estuaries and coastal seas are facing multiple pressures coming from human activities, which result in habitats and biodiversity loss, introduction of invasive species, input of different types of pollutants, overexploitation of resources and impairment of the marine health status. This in turn compromises the capacity of delivering ecosystem services and human benefits.

Against this background, the event is going to host a global multi-disciplinary community of researchers, educators and practitioners to address issues of outstanding importance in the science and management of estuaries and coastal seas in this rapidly changing world.

Amongst the list of attendees are the REST-COAST project coordinator Prof. Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and project partners Carles Ibáñez, Nuno Caiola (EURECAT), Silvia Torresan (CMCC), Caterina Dabalà (CORILA), Joanna Staneva (HEREON), Mindert de Vries (Deltares), Shiri Zemah (IDC), Andreas Wurpts (NLWKN), Mark Schuerch (University of Lincoln).

The project shall have dedicated session during the symposium, which will take place on 7 September, between 16:30 to 18:00 CET and will host the following six presentations: 

  • Large-scale restoration of coastal systems in times of climate change: The Ebro case;

  • Identifying indicators to assess the performance of nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation: A systematic literature review;

  • The challenge of coastal restoration for estuaries and deltas: A question of people, connectivity and scale;

  • Evaluation of seagrass restoration scenarios as nature based solution for coastal protection;

  • Optimizing nature-based solutions to facilitate up-scaling;

  • Towards a common system of indicators to assess the performance of coastal restoration.

More information on the ECSA59 symposium and how to register you can find here.

Photo: San Sebastian, Spain (free image)

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