REST-COAST looks into the barriers and enablers for upscaling coastal restoration in a new research paper

11 November 2022

The REST-COAST project is actively working to identify and implement the most suitable techniques for the restoration of coastal biodiversity and ecosystem services and apply them in a set of Pilots, defining an approach for upscaling. 

Against this background, a team of REST-COAST experts has joined forces to research and identify barriers and enablers for upscaling coastal restoration. The outcomes of the joint study are available in a recently published paper in the Nature-Based Solutions journal, titled “Barriers and enablers for upscaling coastal restoration.” 

The research article proposes a systemic restoration, which integrates Nature based Solutions (NbS) building blocks, to provide climate-resilient ecosystem services and improved biodiversity to curb coastal degradation. The REST-COAST team, which conducted the study, discusses barriers and enablers for coastal adaptation-through-restoration plans, based on vulnerable coastal archetypes, such as deltas, estuaries, lagoons and coastal bays. 

The proposed results of the paper suggest a reduction of coastal risks from a decarbonised coastal protection, which at the same time increases coastal blue carbon. 

The full article can be found here.