REST-COAST made a stop at the 3rd World Biodiversity Forum in Davos

4 July 2024

From 16 to 21 June in Davos, Switzerland, REST-COAST participated in the 3rd World Biodiversity Forum (WBF), which brought together researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders to address critical issues in biodiversity conservation and sustainable transformation. 

The project was showcased at a collaborative exhibition stand, organised by the science communication leader Pensoft Publishers, alongside other Horizon projects, including SpongeBoost, SELINA, MAMBO, and BioAgora, displaying various project materials.

REST-COAST’s involvement in the WBF underscored the objectives of the project to tackle biodiversity restoration challenges through scientific research and hands-on upscalling activities. The conference facilitated valuable opportunities for the attendees to learn more about the project and collect different informative materials.

 Learn more about what the World Biodiversity Forum was about here

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