REST-COAST presented with poster presentations at ECSA59

23 September 2022

Between 5 and 8 September, 2022 the city of San Sebastian, Spain hosted this year's ECSA59 symposia. A global multi-disciplinary community of researchers, educators and practitioners, amongst whom were the REST-COAST experts gathered to discuss the issues of outstanding importance in the science and management of estuaries and coastal seas in this rapidly changing world. 

REST-COAST organised a focused session on coastal restoration to deliver ecosystem services in times of climate change. The session, within the ECSA59 conference, which dealt with the applications of the best scientific knowledge for sustainable management of estuaries and coastal seas, raised an important participation and interest with more than 50 people following the session.

REST-COAST combined 6 papers dealing with:

  • The role of connectivity and scale to address the challenge of coastal restoration for estuaries and delta.
  • Restoration advances for the Ebro Delta case.
  • Indicators to assess performance of NBS for climate adaptation.
  • Evaluation of sea grass restoration as NBS for coastal protection.
  • Optimizing NBS to facilitate restoration upscaling.
  • Towards a common system of indicators to assess the performance of coastal restoration.

In addition, REST-COAST contributed to several papers outside the session showing how REST-COAST advances can be combined with other projects dealing with natural solutions and coastal adaptation.

The available poster presentations you can find here:

Living Lab Wadden Sea;

Evaluating the reduction of erosion by European coastal biotopes.