Letter of nomination 

REST-COAST project nominated for Polish Reward of Intelligent Development

10 April 2023

The REST-COAST project has been nominated for the Polish Reward of Intelligent Development in the category of The Project for Future. This competition is run by the Polish Intelligent Development Forum Foundation, which aims to integrate science and policy in Poland by bringing together researchers, universities, the business sector, and local and provincial authorities.

Although the nomination does not guarantee a win, it is an acknowledgement of the project's potential impact. In fact, the project has already gained attention from Rzeczpospolita daily, the most prominent Polish daily newspaper read by politicians and business groups. REST-COAST project partner Grzegorz Różyński of the Institute of Hydro-Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBW PAN) will talk about the project and its goals in an interview on 14 April 2023. Consequently, a short article will be published in the newspaper, which will explain the project's biodiversity restoration efforts in Poland and the EU.

The REST-COAST team hopes that this acknowledgement will increase visibility of the project among important readership, such as the local authorities of Polish coastal regions, and may even lead to up-scaling the project in the future.

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