Prof. Agustin Sanchez-Arcilla presenting the REST-COAST project at the IWMO Conference

REST-COAST with a remarkable presentation at the IWMO 2023

6 July 2023

REST-COAST made a notable presence at the IWMO conference, where the project coordinator, Prof. Agustin Sanchez-Arcilla of UPC, delivered a presentation introducing the project and its innovative approach towards combating the escalating degradation of coastal systems. The presentation emphasised the utilisation of advanced modeling tools to assess risks, provide support for restoration initiatives, and adapt designs in response to both climate change and human pressures. 

A significant aspect of the presentation was the illustration of the Ebro delta case as a prime example of how the integration of monitoring, modeling, and observation can effectively overcome barriers, leading to a decarbonised coastal adaptation. This approach also highlighted the importance of utilising nature-based solutions and systemic restoration approaches to reduce coastal risks. 

Furthermore, Luciana Villa Castrillon of HEREON, presented REST-COAST through a scientific poster, which showcased the management strategies implemented in the Wadden Sea to ensure ecosystem preservation and sustainability. The poster highlighted key aspects such as habitat expansion and the integration of flood protection measures. It also emphasised the project's overarching goal of promoting collaboration and employing coupled models to mitigate risks and guide restoration efforts in coastal areas.

In addition to the impactful presentation, it is worth mentioning that the REST-COAST project's poster, presented by Luciana, achieved great recognition at the IWMO conference. The poster's exceptional content and presentation earned the prestigious award for the best scientific poster. 

See the poster and the certificate bellow: