REST-COAST’s hands-on-restoration practices and solutions: The GreenTech catalogue feature

13 January 2023

Technology is an essential factor in moving towards a more sustainable, green industry adapted to the consequences of climate change. As a key project with innovative solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptations, as well as cutting edge tools for preservation and sustainable use of ocean and marine resources, REST-COAST was recently featured in Тhe GreenTech Catalogue.

Thе catalogue of solutions in green technology arises from the ProACCIÓ Green program, an ACCIÓ initiative, that includes services, grants, and activities for sustainability positioning. This catalogue is an example of good practices from nearly a hundred companies - аn inspiring tool to accompany the process of green transition.

In order to build a more sustainable society, strengthen the resilience of Catalan ecosystems, and accomplish a significant adaptation to climate change, the GreenTech Catalogue intends to compile green technology solutions developed in Catalonia. It advertises technological solutions in local, regional, and global settings in an effort to increase awareness and make them more widely recognised. Technology, innovation, scalability, and green solution criteria were used to choose the 121 solutions that are included in the catalogue.

The catalogue comprises solutions that respond to nine different environmental challenges with REST-COAST featured in four categories, those being Preservation and sustainable use of ocean and marine resources; Regeneration of natural capital in terrestrial ecosystems; Cross-cutting sector; Climate Green change - Challenges, mitigation and adaptation. The project is presented with an overview and description of its environmental impacts and benefits, solutions, difficulties and challenges.

To see REST-COAST’s features and discover more than 120 other technological solutions, download the catalogue by registering here. 

Photo: Front page of the GreenTech Catalogue