#RestCoast_Pilots: A dive into the Foros Bay

21 November 2023

Foros bay is part of the Burgas bay and is the largest one in Bulgaria. It is the most wave-sheltered area along the coast, and is a focal point for both unique natural diversity and human uses. It is a protected area under NATURA 2000 and both Habitat and Bird Directives. 

Previously, the coastal area was a wetland almost completely covered with hygrophytes and hydrophytes. There were sand dunes, hinterland was never flooded and instead, was sustainably used as vineyard. However, human intervention has caused a significant change in the area’s aspect, structure, and functioning. The sea-land structural and functional connections have also changed. While most of these changes are irreversible, our current task is to try finding a way to preserve the area as a biodiversity reservoir and to prevent further deterioration. 

What we strive to achieve within REST-COAST is to ensure conservation of coastal habitats, lower flooding and erosion risk, improve the biodiversity within the region and to improve the carbon sequestration.