#RestCoast_Pilots: A dive into the Vistula Lagoon

3 January 2024

The Polish part of the Vistula Lagoon is a NATURA2000 site, so environmental disturbances need to be compensated. Thus, the first Polish biodiversity restoration project was launched, incorporating the building with nature paradigm as an artificial island providing habitats for targeted bird species. The new infrastructure requires extensive earth works to cut the Spit and dredging operations during and after execution of the project. 136 ha will be filled during the construction phase of the island and the remaining 45 ha will serve as operational sediment storage facility. 

As such, REST-COAST's expected impact within the pilot site is to support the provision of resting grounds for birds species and the development of a spawning ground. Additionally, active promotion of nature-based solution will be initiated by organising multiple workshops and meetings with key local stakeholders.  

Further information about Vistula Lagoon can be found in the pilot's factsheet.