#RestCoast_Pilots: Nahal Dalia

18 January 2024

Last on the #RestCoast_Pilots feature is the project's Israeli site - Nahal Dalia. Located in the East Mediterranean region, the pilot includes coastal marshland and islands for nesting birds. Amongst the species that reside in the area there are endangered waterbirds, plants, turtles and fish species. Since the 1980’s Nahal Dalia’s Biodiversity has been vastly degraded. Many species, such as the Unio terminalis delicatus and Myriophyllum spicatum, have gone extinct from their habitat. The main causes for biodiversity loss are the water regime alterations and river to sea connectivity due to the stream dams, followed by water pollution by fishery effluents discharged into the nature reserve. Through the implementation of NbS building blocks and ecosystem services, REST-COAST is striving to address these threats and enhance the natural biodiversity in the area. 

To learn all of the impeccable facts about the Nahal Dalia site, check out the pilot's factsheet