#RestCoast_Pilots: A sneak peek into the Sicily Lagoon

28 November 2023

Being home to a large variety of species, the Sicilian pilot site is located on the South-East coast of the island. The Sicilian REST-COAST team is working to support the restoration of the area by means of monitoring and modelling activities to reduce coastal flooding and erosion, improve water quality and foster biodiversity. This is achieved by means of a range of Nature-based Solutions whose design takes into account possible impacts of climate change. 

These eco-hydraulic solutions are being co-designed with local managers to improve ecosystem services provisioning together with habitat protection, with a focus on migratory and resident bird species. By engaging local, regional and national stakeholders and decision-makers, the Sicilian pilot leaders expect to raise awareness and address pressing challenges to support sustainable coastal zone management and enhance knowledge on the effectiveness of coastal restoration and Nature-based Solutions.

Further details about the Sicilian Pilot Site of REST-COAST you can find in the pilot's factsheet, available here.