REST-COAST represented at the 4th European Conference of the Society for Benefit-Coast Analysis

4 October 2023

On 11 and 12 September 2023, the fourth European Conference of the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis took place in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy. The conference's primary objective was to advance and refine the theory and application of benefit-cost analysis tools, with a dual emphasis on research and policy implications, while also fostering a platform for robust scientific exchange. Leading experts from around the world gathered for the event, and among them was Shiri Zemah Shamir (Reichman University, Israel), a member of the REST-COAST project, representing the Israeli Pilot Site - Nahal Dalia. Shiri actively engaged in two of the conference's sessions, both of which centered on environmental development. During these sessions, she presented an abstract titled "A Cost-Benefit Analysis of The Dalia River’s Wetland," contributing her valuable insights to the discourse on this subject matter.

The full abstract can be found here.

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