#RestCoast_Pilots: Exploring the Arcachon Bay

30 October 2023

The Arcachon Basin is one of the largest Zostera noltei meadows in Europe, however, these seagrass meadows have been declining due to a number of threats, such as: increasing urbanisation; development of touristic areas; local oyster farming, which poses a negative impact on the sediment behaviour. Hence, within REST-COAST a new restoration approach focusing on hydrodynamics is being explored. It aims at reducing hydrodynamics, then increasing sediment deposition, reducing bottom shear stress, and reducing water turbidity. 

These actions will contribute to facilitating seagrass anchoring, horizontal and vertical growth from near to far, and large-scale stabilisation and restoration of local seagrass meadows.

More about the Arcachon Bay you can find in the Pilot's dedicated factsheet.